We see lots of clients that are in the process of moving. The real estate market makes this an interesting proposition with many families having to move twice. Often this involves moving into smaller, temporary quarters until a new place is bought, built, or remodeled. Storing some, or all, of the families furniture is sometimes necessary. One of our kids just went through a double move.

Have you ever thought about storing your furniture and antiques in a non climate controlled facility? Here is what you can expect!

The table in these pictures is a beautiful example of turn of the 20th century American Oak furniture. A few months ago it was in near perfect condition. It was stored in a non climate controlled storage facility for only a few months while our client’s home was completed. It will be beautiful again, and stand up on its own, following restoration.

Household furniture, particularly antiques, is made using wood glues that are water soluble. Under normal circumstances these glues are stronger than the wood itself. But household furniture is not intended to be outdoors or in drastically fluctuating climates. Think about the weather in Texas for a minute. During a single day we can experience cold, hot, wet, and dry weather changes. We can wake up to a nice 75-80 degree morning with clear skies. By noon we can have thunderstorms followed in the afternoon by bright sun and 100 degrees. Add the oven effect of a metal storage building and the temps can bump up many more degrees. Wooden furniture is porous and will attract moisture in high humidity. As the moisture content of the wood rises the wood expands. When that humidity is gone, the moisture will be released into the atmosphere and the wood shrinks. Over time it shrinks more than it expands. In a controlled, even semi-controlled, climate you will never know this is happening. If you decide to store your furniture in a non climate controlled facility, barn, garage, or attic you can expect the results you see in these pictures.

Antique furniture, vintage furniture, and good quality new furniture is built to last generations with reasonable care. Nothing lasts forever though, so we are here to help if needed.

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