I started this blog last year with the first piece of furniture that I remember refinishing. The Larkin desk, or library table, that was passed down to me from my grandfather. After 50 plus years of continuous use in our family, it was ready for restoration. In case you don’t remember, go here for a refresher;

During our last visit with the table, it was ready for some repair work. With that work complete, here is an image of the table, stained and awaiting finish.

We completed the table a few weeks ago. Here’s a┬ácompleted shot of it in the shop waiting to go home.

I totally understand the sentimental attachment that our clients have with their furniture. I have lots of memories of growing up with this piece in our home. I did homework on this table and worked on Boy Scout projects here. The last memory I have of my Dad alive, he was helping me with homework at this table. So, like a family member that has been away, it’s good to have it back.

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