It is a rare occurrence that I get to build something just because I want to. But that is what this post is about.

Scott is the youngest of our family and has worked in the shop off and on for a decade or so. During that time he has learned how to distinguish good quality furniture from the average to poor selection in most showrooms now. Equipped with that knowledge, he has been a little reluctant to spend his hard earned money on new furniture.

Now that he is married and is a homeowner, he and his wife are working to make their new house a home. I am proud to say they have been very smart about it. Choosing quality over quantity, they have decorated their home nicely, and without the debt many young couples take on.

Sometime ago we promisedĀ Scott a new coffee table. We talked about design, wood type, size, and what his bride would like. Actually, we also talked about working together on it while he was working in the shop. But, as it happens, time went by and after earning his degree, he started another career. The discussions about the table faded and other decisions took over.

As one birthday led to another, I wanted to follow up on my promise and build the table. We hadn’t talked about it in a good long while, and hadn’t gotten any input from the lady of the house. So, as I sometimes do, I just jumped in and made a decision that I hoped they both would like. If not they would have a really nice custom table to sell!

Since I was building this table for family and I could make all the decisions, I went with something I liked. An idea for a family heirloom started cooking and I just followed it.

On a visit, I sneaked a measurement, so I knew an approximate size. I already knew their taste and decorating style. So my next decision was wood species and shape.

With Scott being a seventh generation Texan, it seemed to me that a native Texas wood fit the bill. So I chose Mesquite. I love Mesquite for several reasons. It is a challenge to work with, a little unpredictable, riddled with flaws, and full of character. It doesn’t hurt that its grain and color are gorgeous.

Originally Scott and I talked about a slab table with a live edge. I even picked out a couple of slabs, but never got the show them to him. Keeping with that same design theme, I used Mesquite burl for the table edge. The completed table has a nice irregular shape and a rustic look that will endure for decades. Take a look at the completed table.

After delivery, we even got Granddog approval!

As artisans, we love designing and fabricating unusual, custom furnishings. Do you have something unique in mind for your home?

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