Sometimes we get a project that seems routine, but turns into something special. That’s true with this set of four barstools. You’ve seen barstools like these before. The style is hugely popular and has been for a while now. This set was purchased by our client at an estate sale. They are not antique, nor even old enough to be vintage. I’m not sure how old they are, just that they are old enough to not be the cheapies currently being imported. The quality of materials and fabrication tell me that.

The original finish was what you would expect, rather ordinary brown and shiny. Well they are ordinary no longer. We transformed these stools into something that will make an impact in our client’s kitchen. The color was custom mixed to match the knobs on her top of the line range and the custom area rug already in the kitchen. Take a look, do these look hot, or what?

We are doing more and more furniture with color. This is no ordinary paint job either. When color is called for, we use the same professional products we use on other fine furniture pieces. The obvious difference is the color. Our furniture lacquer can be mixed to match any color. This time it is Heritage Red, a Benjamin Moore color.

The refinishing process begins with a primer to seal the wood followed by several coats of the custom tinted lacquer. Once the color is right, a few coats of clear topcoat are applied in the desired sheen. In this case the client wanted a matte sheen. The clear topcoat not only protects the color from damage, but gives the final finish additional depth and a great feel. You just can’t get that from a coat of paint.

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