Woodworking in general, and furniture making in particular creates a by product of left over wood. Off cuts, drops, or scrap, whatever you call it, there always seems to be an abundance of really good pieces of wood that we woodworkers can’t call trash. Nobody can save it all. So we are always looking for ways to put it to good use. One thing we stumbled on a few years ago is the Lazy Susan.

Our commissioned work has included a number of dining tables. We started making a Lazy Susan from the off cuts of each table as little thank you for each table client. They are a really handy thing to have since many of our tables are large. Also, its kind of neat that it is made from the same boards as the table. Later we thought – why not make more Susans from other off cuts? It’s a great use of small pieces of really nice wood that otherwise sits in storage waiting for that just right application to come along. Our Lazy Susans are terrific on the dining table, in the kitchen, or for an inexpensive wedding gift.

Here is a group shot of some of the various colors and sizes of Lazy Susans.

If you are into colored lacquers, we can match anything you want, but we’ll usually have black, white, and red lacquer on hand. For the more traditional, standard finishes are in Honey Maple, Fruitwood, and English Walnut. Like the colors, sizes can be ordered to fit your need. Stock sizes are 12″, 16″, and 18″ diameters. All are fitted with ball bearing swivel mechanisms, so turn them slowly or the ketchup will be on your shirt!

The Star-Telegram recently featured our Lazy Susans in the Shopping Bag section. Click here to see the article;

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