We had the opportunity to restore this Goshen Glide for a client a year or so ago.

This fabulous child’s glider was purchased by our client’s mother in the 1940’s. It went on their front porch in the Texas Hill Country and stayed there until they sold the ranch a few years ago. We duplicated the original color scheme of bright red and white. The finish is Dupont automotive acrylic that will last for decades and put up with a lot of abuse from the grandkids.

It came into the shop in pretty good shape considering it was hammered by Texas weather for 60 or so years.


We began the restoration by disassembling all parts. Wood parts were stripped and reglued. We made a new, slightly heavier base of cypress. The old one was pretty damaged by water.


Instead of stripping, the metal parts were sandblasted to remove rust and primed. Everything was then finished with high gloss red and white. The after shots tell the story. It is on the patio and ready for the grandkids.


 The Goshen Glide was manufactured by the Goshen Manufacturing Company of Goshen, Indiana. Here is the original metal label, before and after cleaning.


I found several patents dating back to the early 1900’s for the glider and improvements made to it. Along the way, I came across a newspaper ad for the glider and other products dated April 17, 1949. The price was $78.50. Adjusting for inflation that would equal $698.91 in 2009 when we completed the project. Thanks to the Goshen Indiana Historical Society and Museum for help with research.

We consider it a real priviledge to be able to restore pieces of history like the Goshen Glide. A treasured family heirloom, it will be around for several more generations of kids to enjoy.

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