Little Jack Horners will remain open during the Covid-19 Corona virus situation unless mandated to close.
We are serious about health and safety concerns and we want to assure you we are taking all precautions to keep our customers and employees safe. The current situation with the Corona virus is a matter we do not take lightly. Due to this we are taking the following steps to help reduce risk to our customer’s and employee’s health.

Our public area is being thoroughly sanitized on a regular basis.

Using antiseptic wipes and anti-viral cleansers, we are

• Wiping off all door handles, inside and outside following each customer visit.
• Wiping off countertops, cases, credit card machine, and pens following each customer visit.
• Regularly sanitizing the restrooms.
• Following all CDC recommendations

Because our business is an artisan shop and highly specialized, we have a limited number of customer visits daily, and a small number of employees onsite. Along with the steps outlined above, we feel this helps limit any exposure to the virus.

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Our final project for 2019 is complete. We were commissioned to build a wall shelf unit for a client’s canister collection. He provided pictures of another collection and shelf, and sizes of the canisters. After some design work, something was off. It never hurts to double check, right? So after a call to our client we discovered that his canisters are different sizes than those in the photo. Back to the drawing board to fix things.
After a few changes our plan seemed to fit all the requirements and we began cutting wood.

Here are some pictures of the inspiration piece and the final product. The client chose red oak with a walnut stain.

I think we nailed it!


Custom Canister Shelf

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