We were challenged to fabricate a table to display this mosaic art piece. Previously the mosaic piece was hanging on the wall. It is very heavy and unstable for a wall hanging. So our long time client commissioned us to build a table with the art piece recessed in the top and covered by glass. After talking with them, and hearing their wishes, the design was chosen. The original mosaic piece was framed in oak. So we selected some nice oak stock to build the table. The art piece and glass are perfectly recessed into the top to give them an even, flush surface for the table. The top is approximately 33′ square and approximately 27″ tall. These dimensions were selected based on where it will be displayed in the client’s home.
All are happy with the results.

Custom oak table with mosaic inset

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I hope everyone has been safe and healthy during this strange period in our history. As businesses are beginning to open I wanted to take a moment and update our plans.
Right now we are open during normal business hours by appointment only. (Go here to see those, We plan to continue this for the immediate future, at least until the number of Covid 19 cases begins to decline. You may call to set up an appointment for pick up or drop off, or to have us inspect something for an estimate. This will allow us to continue seeing only one customer at a time and to practice social distancing. We will continue to sanitize surfaces in the public area after each visit.

Here’s a project completed just before the closure orders began. The table top is marble supplied by the client. We built the base out of White Ash. The table top is an oval about 5′ long. The base is segmented staves (like a whiskey barrel) and it is tapered a few degrees top to bottom. This looks like such a simple thing to build you may ask why I am showcasing it. Other than the fact it made a beautiful table, I had to use trigonometry to bevel and taper the staves. I know nothing about trigonometry. But with the help of a math instructor/hobbyist woodworker I was able find a formula. After careful calculations I started cutting wood. Every joint came together perfectly the first time. The result is a beautiful segmented and tapered cylinder.

Hope you like it. We will be happy to build one for you too!

White Ash and marble table
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