It occurred to me that the beginning would be a good place to start this blog. Makes sense doesn’t it? Sort of like saying that you found those lost keys in the last place you looked. Of course you did.

Well, back to the beginning. Folks have asked us for years how we began in this business of restoring furniture and crafting new heirloom furniture. As with many things it began as a necessity rather than a desire. I come from a family that did things. What I mean by that is we did things rather than having things done.

So the beginning of what has now become a career started with the need to refinish my grandfather’s library table. The table was made by the Larkin Company in the early years of the 20th century.

What’s left of the original paper label

It is solid quarter-sawn white oak with simple, but lovely carving on the upper legs and ball and claw feet.

As my grandparents downsized their household the library table came to my parent’s house. My mother and I carefully refinished it on our back porch. We stripped the finish with something I don’t remember, painstakingly sanded the quarter-sawn oak and then brushed on several coats of shellac. This finish lasted throughout my childhood and teen years while I did much of my school work on the desk. Later after I settled into adulthood, I was allowed to have the desk back again and have used it ever since.

During the 50 years I have used this desk the finish has worn, it has developed a shrinkage crack, suffered one cigarette burn (yes from me), and is ready for another beginning. It is currently in the shop stripped and ready for a restored finish and another 50 years of steady use.

Check back and see the final result.

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