You’ve heard all the designers say it. You’ve seen it in all the decorating magazines. Every room needs a little punch of color. It’s true, a little punch of color can make a room complete. It can bring together all the other elements in the room and create interest. It is with that goal that we created PUNCH.

PUNCH is a slightly whacky, free spirited, fun part of Little Jack Horner’s. We search all over for good quality, vintage pieces that can still be functional furniture. Our craftsmen repair them, then they are lacquered using the latest designer colors. Upholstered items receive special treatment with the latest fun, vibrant, designer fabrics.

Green is an especially important color at PUNCH.  We have been recycling furniture for over 20 years.  Now PUNCH carries the green idea even farther.  Tired, worn, or damaged pieces of furniture stay out of the landfill by being refurbished into functional and fun accent items for your home. Reusing what you already have makes practical sense too. You already know that we can work wonders with your heirlooms and antiques.  Now you can bring us your old, tired, outdated pieces for a little punch of color!

Inventory is constantly changing as we find more fun things to do. Check with us often to see the latest finds. Keep watching this blog, periodically we will post a PUNCH FEATURED ITEM. You won’t find anything beige or boring at PUNCH!

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