Update:  2011  – The Red Hot Chef now has her own blog so please visit it to find some of our favorite recipes.  And trust me, they don’t call her the Red Hot Chef for nothing!

Original post from 8/23/10:  I love good food. I love to eat – but only good food. Being married to the Red Hot Chef really works out great. The other day she decided she would like to share some of her favorite recipes. If you love good food like me, you will appreciate her idea!

Anyway, we decided that a monthly recipe feature would be a nice diversion at Life in the Corner. So you can look for something good to eat about once a month. The Red Hot Chef will have to tell me what to publish, but you can bet I have tried it and was impressed.

With the temperatures hovering between 100 and 106 lately we haven’t really wanted to eat a lot of anything, much less work in the kitchen after being in the shop all day. That means lots of fruit, salads, and the like. So we are starting out with a summer time treat for the first of our monthly recipes……


This recipe came from our friend Lindsay who first tasted it at her engagement party. It is easy, makes a bunch, and everybody loves it. Get you’re second helping fast, otherwise the bowl will be empty.

Salad ingredients;

1lb cole slaw mix

1 cup slivered almonds

1 cup sunflower seeds

2 bunches green onions

2 pkgs Oriental Ramen Noodles

To make the salad, chop the onions and combine the first four ingredients in a bowl. Toss to mix.

Dressing ingredients;

1 cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup white vinegar

5 packets sweetener

2 pkg Ramen Noodle seasoning

For the dressing, add the sweetener and Ramen Noodle seasoning to the oil and vinegar. Whisk to blend.

Just before serving, break up the dry noodles and add to all the salad ingredients. Toss with the dressing and serve (a lot).


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